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Tsuba - Japanese Sword Guard

That is merely one part of Japanese sword.
Though, we view tsuba as independent art objects and find great artistry from those pieces.
The proper purposes of tsuba or swords are to protect users' bodies or to kill and wound opponents.
Tsuba craftsmen had produced a large amount of artistic handiworks without losing such primary purposes.

(1) Tsuba must be solid and robust enough to protect fists.
(2) Tsuba must function as a balancer to make easier to flourish the sword.
(3) Tsuba must not be too large to walk with Japanese swords on.
(4) Seppa Dai areas must be plane. Otherwise tsuba would be shaky.

Tsuba craftsmen competed to express beauty in such limited spaces.

Richness soaked with the gravity of history, preeminent skills, appeal of designs and patterns. Rich-tasting color of well forged metal.

We, men of today, generate a feeling of awe to those forerunners and enjoy looking at their supreme handiworks.