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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you add any other charges in addition to the price ?

No. We do not add any other charges such as consumption tax.
The prices of our merchandise include such charges in advance.

Q. Is the insurance fee included in the price ?

Yes. So, you do not need to pay any other charges at all.

Q. Are all your items authentic ?

Yes, of course. We do never sell replicas. All our items are Japanese and authentic sword guards.

Q. I would like to pay with PayPal for an item. Can you tell me how to do it ?

Please advise that effect to us through the contact form.
We will inform you of the procedure.

Q. I have a sword guard whose details are unknown. Please check the sword guard and advise me the details.

We are an online shop for Japanese sword guards.
This website is not a "Question-and-Answer session".
So, please kindly refrain from asking such questions.

Q. I would like to hold down the price of the merchandise as much as possible. Can I choose regular air mail as an option ? Instead, please reduce the price of the merchandise.

We do not recommend regular air mail because there is no guarantee with it. Its delivery time is much longer than that of EMS even though their costs are not very different. And more, there is no registered number for the regular air mail so we can not trace the order at all. It means that we, Jyuluck-Do Corp., are not able to guarantee the amount even if you did not receive the order.

Q. Do you discount the prices of your items if I ask ?

No, we don't. Our prices are appropriate ones from the beginning. Sorry.

Q. Do you accept returns ? How long do I have to claim that to you ?

We accept a return only if you found a difference between our description of the item and the actual item you received.
We do not accept returns for any other reason such as you just did not like the item.
In case you decide to return an item, please inform us within 7 days of receiving your shipment.
Please read the Return Policy for more details.

Q. Do you accept other payment method except you show here ?

Feel free to suggest a payment method that you prefer.
We will consider if your payment method is available or not.

Q. Dimensions of the merchandise are shown in centimeters. How can I know the measure in inches ?

Please divide each number by 2.54 if you would like to transform centimeters into inches.
For example, 10cm = 3.94inch.
And if you would like to transform grams into ounces, please multiply 0.0353.
For example, 100g = 3.53oz.

Q. How will the settlement be shown in my bill from the credit card company ?

Our settlements by credit cards are transacted by the credit card transaction company "AXES".
So, the company name for our deal will be printed "AXES" or "SmartPay" on your monthly bill from your credit card company.
Our company name of Jyuluck-Do Corporation will not appear on your bill.

Q. How is my credit card information secured ?

If you click the [Buy by Card ] button when you are going to buy our items, another screen for the purchase information will appear.
That screen is encrypted by 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
So your information typed into the screen is already secured.
When you click the [ Submit ] button in the screen, another screen for the credit card settlement prepared by Global Access will appear.
That screen is also encrypted by 128bit SSL (VeriSign).
Nobody can get your information. Please put your mind at ease.

Q. Do you get to know my credit card number or password ?

No, we don't. Your credit card information will be directly sent to the credit card company for confirmation. We, Jyuluck-Do Corp., never receive your credit card number or password.