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Shakudo Nanko-Ji Zogan Iroe Kozuka

Reference Number
[ Rice-Cocking Tools ]
Around 1798 (The Edo period)
" At the age of 73, Horie Okinari (Monogram) "
L x W x H
9.7 x 1.4 x 0.5 cm
25 g
Shakudo (alloy of copper and gold)
Wooden Box
No Certificate

This Kozuka was made by the famous sword fitting ornaments craftsman in Edo area "Horie Okinari".
Rice-cocking tools are expressed in Zogan and Iroe techniques.
The rice-cocking tools are spoon, kitchen range, pot, chopsticks and fagot.
There is a particular inscription of Okinari that is inscribed in flowing writing style.

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Rice-Cocking Tools
Kozuka in Shakudo Nanko-Ji
Rice-cocking tools are expressed in Zogan and Iroe techniques.
At the age of 73 Horie Okinari (Monogram)
Peculiar inscription of Horie Okinari
About Craftsman
Horie Okinari ( Born around 1725 )

His given name was Yajuro.
Became a disciple of Hamano Shozui at the age of 15 and called himself Ekizui.
Though, Shozui deceased in 1769.
Then, he studied metal-carving under Ohmori Teruhide at the age of 20.
He was given one word of his master's name and called himself "Hidetoshi".
Later, he gained independence and called himself Okinari.
Became an official craftsman for Awa Domain (Hachisuka daimyo family).
His inscriptions are peculiar.
Most of them are inscribed in flowing writing style (=Grass hand).
Master craftsman in Edo area.

Shakudo (red copper) This tsuba is made of Shakudo (alloy of copper and gold).
Nanako-Ji The surfaces are processed like hard roe.
Zogan Rice-cocking tools are inlaid.
Iroe Rice-cocking tools are also expressed in the Iroe technique.
Iroe is highly advance inlay technique.
Braze very thin golden sheet on an object.
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