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Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan-Tsuba

Heianjou-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba
Heinajo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Sukashi Tsuba
[ Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Sukashi Tsuba ]
Around the Momoyama period(1573-1603) (estimate)

Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba is descended from Onin-Tsuba. (Heianjo is synonymous with Yamashiro Province.)
Most of Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba were produced from the end part of the Muromachi period (1392 - 1573) to the former part of the Edo period (1603 - 1868).
For a while from the beginning, the shape of Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba was only round. Arabesque or family crests were inlaid with only brass alloy all over surfaces.
Although, after some time rolled on, the shapes of Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba became diverse such as Mokko-Gata or Nadekaku-Gata.
Used other metals such as gold, silver, copper or Shakudo for materials of inlay.
We can never find any inscription from Onin-Tsuba, however, there are pieces of works of Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba with an inscription of each maker's.

Heianjyou-Shiki Shinchuu-Zogan Tsuba
[ Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba ]
The former part of the Edo period (estimate)
Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba
[ Heianjo-Shiki Shinchu-Zogan Tsuba ]
The Momoyama period (estimate)