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Kyoto Sukashi Openworked Tsuba
[ Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba ]
The Momoyama period or Early part of the Edo (estimate)

The Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba means openworked sword guards which were made in Yamashiro Province (present Kyoto Prefecture).
Heianjo is a synonym of Kyoto.
So, the Heianjo-Sukashi-Tsuba is used as a synonym of Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba.
The Owari-Zukashi-Tsuba is a similar to the Kyo-Zukashi.
Although, the features of Owari-Zukashi are that they are well-stacked and chuff, however, the features of Kyo-Zukashi are that they are graceful and sophisticated.
Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba, they are made from well forged iron plate (rather thin plate), openworked elaborately all around.
In many cases, the rims of them are slender and orthogonal.
Two Bitsu-Holes (Kozuka-Bitsu-Hole & Kougai-Bitsu-Hole) are openworked in proper forms.
There is no inscribed Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba.

[ Kyo-Zukashi-Tsuba ]
Tetsu-Ji Kikka-Gata Maru-Mimi
The Momoyama period (estimate)